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What are the issues of global warming and possible climate changes due to global warming?
What are the issues of global warming and possible climate changes due to global warming? I do believe that global warming is really happening and I have to support my opinion with facts about climate and global warming.

Hi my name is Shai. im a Environmental student in the UK,
i will suggest you to read the book: WHY WE DISAGREE ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE by Mike Hulme. mike is a leading
scientist in this filed, you will find a lot of evidences in this book for global worming and its effect and the book is written in a easy going languge, it is addressed to the public ENJOY.

The primary cause of global warming is the release of greenhouse gases by human activities. Changes in the weather patterns, rise in the average temperature of the earth, melting of polar ice caps, polar bears unable to adapt to the climate change are all consequences of global warming. Hence conservation of natural resources is vital. For tips on water conservation go to <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

There are none...Globla Warming is not real!
People are always trying to come up with ways to scare us. Ozone is a greenhouse gas, it traps heat that would otherwise radiate into space. If the ozone layer is DECREASING, then why do people say the temperature is rising? Ozone traps heat! If there's less of it, there's less heat being trapped!
earth = ~6 billion years old
human made pollution= ~500 years old
And the temperature changes have been going on for millions of years!

Global Warming occurs in cycles that are not effected by human activity. For instance, google "green house gases" and you'll discover water vapor accounts for 95% of greenhouse gases YET in a convenient omission, the "crazies" who claim humans are causing global warming fail to include it in the data. Why do you suppose they omit the leading green house gas, water vapor? Because we can't do anything about it!

What percentage of co2 is man made (Anthropogenic) vs from natural sources? Government data suggests that only 2.3% of the co2 in our atmosphere comes from man, the rest from nature!

What causes global warming and cooling? Solar flares, volcano's and earth cycles, that's what! Scientists know that the earth in in the later part of a heating cycle right now. It has nothing to do with our industry.

Why then do they want to impose taxes on co2 production? To grow government and give it more control which in turn kills the middle class. The elites want to control a slave class of poor people. This is just one of many programs set into motion recently to kill off the middle class. Communist societies cannot have a middle class, and a one world communist country is what these environmental freaks want for us. This is why Mikhail Gorbachev today resides in San Francisco as founder and president of Green Cross International, a non-profit organization that focuses on global ecological law. He is now on a mission to "saving the earth from environmental disaster". Or is he? Do your research and you'll discover the "climate change" movement is a communist movement to bankrupt the middle class and create a new world order, a world government of elites ruling over masses of hungry, starving, poor people.

global warming is fake.
i live in wisconsin and its 30 degrees. in the first weeks of october.

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