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What motivation do preschoolers need to learn?
I have a kid brother who's just in preschool. What kind of game or any motivation do I need to do to teach him how to write properly and about simple addition. He can't seem to stay on a seat when he's writing or when I'm teaching him? Thanks.
Fruit snacks
give him treats if he do it right reword him ( maby school for him isn't any fun so he dosent want to do anything related to it)
Mare it fun, they won't learn if your forcing them. When writing just make it a game, who can draw the A first, with math just use fruit snacks or chips and 1 fruit snack + 1 fruit snack = 2 fruit snacks, ect.. Just have to make it fun Smile and even if they don't seem like they are listening or learning anything they are. Maybe when pouring cereal use the measuring cups and show him the 1/2 cups have him fill it up and pour it in the bowl himself. Eventually he will know all the measuring cups and you can say go grab the 1 cup and they will Smile its just patience and practice. Don't worrie to much about him because math and writing is grade school stuff, if he learns it now its just a bonus.
What interests him? Dinosaurs? Fire trucks? Spiderman? You can weave a story where he has to write a word or a number to get to the next part of the story.
for example
Spiderman had to capture the bad guys. There were 2 in one room and 1 in the other. Help Spidy and write down the total number of bad guys he has to get.

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