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How can I hear about new technology before other people?
How can I learn about new technology terms before the general public? FIOS, for examples is becoming a new popular term, but how could I have learned about it many years ago?

Is there a positive technological digest that someone can recommend me to which focuses on BRAND new technology?
two options

Try working or finding an inside man in the Patent office. most people patent their stuff before its open to public

second, well be an inventor yourself so you'll know about it and perhaps talk to your collegues.
be a scientist and make up your own. or subscribe to journals like IEEE, etc - you will know about stuff before JoeSchmoe does at least.
subscribe to PCWorld, PC Magazine, TechTV,, and Smile
Are you talking about Verizon's fiber optic offering? Fiber optics has been used for data communications for decades. At what stage in the development of a technology do you want to hear about it? Science News is an excellent, very brief weekly publication covering brand new events in science. IEEE Spectrum and MIT Technology Review generally cover a subject once it's known that it's likely to develop into a useful technology. Spend some time at a good library looking at science/technology periodicals and see what matches your interests.
One of the hardest things I believe is keeping up to date on the latest happenings with the many technologies. Still there are some ways to keep update about latest technology.

Web Media (Blogs, Podcasts, Forums)

In doing this, you start to see who the experts are because they are usually the ones designing the new stuff and writing about it. Choose the right blogs, podcasts in which kind technology you are interested in.

Social Media (Twitter, Facebook)

Anyone can sign up for Twitter and follow whoever they like without sending out one single Tweet. The beauty of this is that all of the gurus and companies are Tweeting, and what they Tweet is usually links to their blog posts (before they hit the feed readers) and links to other peoples blog posts that they have found interesting.Organize those that you follow into their respective categories so you can pick and choose what to read and when. Twitter or Facebook are not the only one, so try out several and find out which one works best for you.

Print Media (Books and Magazines)

While this can be a great resource, I offer a word of caution on this topic. Make sure the book is based on the correct version of the technology you are researching. This might not be your best option since you probably want to learn about it when it first comes out not months down the road.

It can be tough to find time to fit this into your schedule, so you may have to get a little creative. Make a little time for this you can stay updated about the latest technology trends.
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