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What new technology would be a good topic for my ninth grade technology class?
It has to be an "emerging technology" meaning new. It can't be more than three years old. As in, a phone is not an emerging technology. The Iphone is. I'd like something with enough information to do an oral report and written report on it. Currently on my list, meaning don't suggest them, are projectable keyboards, the aptera, the iphone, and a computer currently being devloped with microsoft that "reads brain waves". Thanks!
Do you not ge tit? A phone is not new; the iphone is. A tv is not new, a plasma screen tv is.
How about "wimax." I've just heard about this it's being featured at the consumer electronics show this week. It is a new wireless access technology. In fact, I think if you just do some googling about the CES show you'll find all sorts of things in development that you can write about.
Just for the record, the iPhone is not a new technology as the technology that it actually draws from existed years before the iPhone was even conceived. A new technology that I've been following recently is Holographic Data Storage.

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It's really interesting because they manage to cram so much data into so little space, bringing new compression techniques to the forefront. Good luck on your selection!

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