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How do you get the motivation to exercise every day?
I'm a pretty lazy person, but i want to get in the habit of running and working out every day. The only problem is that i cant get the motivation to actually do it. I did it for awhile with some friends, but i cant get the motivation to do it by myself. Any suggestions?
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What I do is I have a pair of jeans hung up in front of my elliptical. Those jeans used to fit me, so when ever I think of getting off, I look at them. Try putting an 'incentive' like that somewhere where you would see it everyday.
i really don't motivate myself too much. i just don't really want to gain anymore weight. i'm a lazy person also but since im a music freak i play music whenever i run and it makes me run faster....
think that "oh yeah, imma be a sexy mofo when i'm done with this, even more than i already am" **wink wink.

you can just try to make your mind think it's something to look forward everyday, after i workout i feel a lot better, than just being lazy and not doing anything.(:
I start the day saying out loud "Strength through the Lord", leap out of bed and start doing jumping jacks. Once you get the blood flowing everything is on automatic right after.

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