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How can I get the motivation to get back on track with my diet and fitness?
I was doing really well... I was on Weight Watchers and got to goal on March 4th of last year... I did well for a few months after that but have been slipping constantly since... I am very low on motivation and my self esteem has plummeted... Does anyone have any advice, motivation, or anything to help me get it together?
how did you do weight watchers ? did you go along to the classes group motivation can be the best thing

put a picture of yourself at your best on ur fridge to remind you what your working towards!

keep some semi junk food in a secret place for back up for example put some healthy cereal bars in the cupboard but some which you like so if u feel like cheating its not going to be with chocolate
drink plenty of water and exercise as i believe this helps your mood

organise something a party family meal something to work towards- a date
also remember the health benefits!
I understand where you're coming from, but cheer up: all is not lost.

Maybe it's time to re-evaluate where the slips happened, and go back to the healthy eating skills you learned with WW. Also, it is important to realistically look at what the slips have caused: are you back to your pre-weight loss weight, or have you been steadily gaining a few pounds here and there? Or just a couple? Do you have regular activity as part of your daily life?

We all go through good and bad periods, and nothing can make a person feel worse than achieving a goal and then seeing it seem to dissipate. I feel you. But what you do now is, you pick yourself up, look at the problem squarely, and realize: you are in control of you. Nobody is going to make you eat the wrong things--or the right ones, for that matter. And when it comes right down to it, you have to allow yourself to be powerful enough to be in control of your own body and your own life and goals. You are not losing weight, eating healthily, and exercising for anybody but yourself. Sure, your family and friends can only benefit from a happy, healthy you; but in the end, you are your own driver. Know that. Be honest and kind to yourself, and understand that taking care of yourself is something that you have to do your whole life long--but that only you can do it, and while it's not easy sometimes, it's NOT impossible. Treat yourself nicely, be fair to yourself about the failings, and get back up on track. There are a lot of us who have been in your shoes, and I certainly know how you feel. But be strong, and you CAN get through the rough patches. Get support where you can--reaching out to your friends or maybe to some people you met in your WW meetings can really help you right now. And whatever you do, DO NOT beat yourself up. You haven't committed a crime--you've had a setback, and you can fix it for you. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that the failures and setbacks define you as a person, because they don't.

I'm pulling for you. Good luck.
cut a really hot, skinny, pretty girl (several pictures if you want) out of the magazine or print out online, some magazine like victorias secret or some other pretty models and paste it around your house, everywhere bathroom, kitchen and etc. that works very well if you are espeacilly living alone. Make sure nobody really sees it, because then they will (maybe) make fun of you and you will loose the motivation again.


you could try to find a friend and see if she wants to have a little competition with you how to loose the most waight and fat. If you set a reasonable amount of money (not too little money, but not too much either, but somethig significant enough to strive for, 500$ ?). Set a specific date, and on that day compare results. whoever wins gets the money.
A new motivational speaker I've heard lately is Sam Crowley, excellent for this. Check out his inspiring video and other info:

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Cool concept about Saturday!

Enjoy and here's to your success!

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