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How can I maintain my motivation to exercise?
I used to go to the gym every day for 1 to 1.5 hrs. I really enjoyed it. But lately I haven't had the motivation to go. And if I do go by about 1/2 hr I lose concentration and motivation.

What can I do to motivate my self to exercise more?
Tips or suggestions?
going for 1/2 hour is fine
dont push yourself too much ifyou dont feel like it

also you need to take breaks in between gym to rest and let your muscles rest otherwise your body will burn out on its own
maybe riught now your body is screaming for rest =)

also remind yourself the reasons why you used to go to the gym for that long before, maybe b/c you want ot look thin, or want a healthy heart, or want to fit into that bikini or want that guy to pay attn to you etc etc
it's really your story as to why you went that often for that long ya know =)

good luck

ps. i envy your motivation for going there longer than 1 hour LOL
boy do i know what that feels like...i try to remember how AMAZING i felt when i finished working out...the tighness and firm muscles, the energy and how great your clothes feel.

thinking about it makes it worse, its best to get on for a few minutes a day and switch your exercise. i no longer weight train, i get better results from yoga and pillates.
well that's simple, get into a relationship and that will help you to be always motivated!!!
Its really hard to stay motivated ALL the time. As much as I am dedicated to going to the gym and keeping on schedule, sometimes I want to stray off from it. I guess what I keep reminding myself of that I will never reach my goals by skipping days and half assing it. Like everything in life, you need to put your all in. Sometimes its really hard work and can feel like a second job. I just remember a time when I was a fat nasty drinking beer, mcdonalds, lazy slob and know I never want to be that again. I look in the mirror and I can be proud of how far ive gotten. The days I dont feel like going is the days I always push myself harder to make it through and in the end, always feel better about myself that I did it.
ha I have that problem. shorten your work out days to like 30 min everyday and do something different. I swim every monday and then do various cardio/weight lift exercises the other days along with pilates/dance class, etc. Bring your friends too! I find that helps a lot!
well if there is anything you like to do like sport wise or fitness wise or hobby wise try to find the parts in it that need excersise

for example i do ninjutsu and im very into the ninja culture so i run a lot and try to gain muscle and become better technically and i eat only healthy
put some variation in the work outs use different equipment,if you like to work on different equipment or work on different body areas put the various work outs on a piece of paper and into a hat when you get to the gym pull out a piece of paper and that's what you will do kinda like a lottery that way you never know what you are working on till you get there

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