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...Loader job in uk?...?
so i'm from latvia. im 20 years old and right now i'm studying my first year in mathematics university. i don't like the school system in latvia so im thinking about going to uk for better education. but thats not the real reason im leaving latvia. so my family not long ago had real big problem. my father lost his job because of his health. he was a trucker but because of health he lost his job. and soon after that, after working 15 years at the same company my mother got fired because the company was bought by someone else. anyway situation in latvia is so bad that nobody can find job that pays more than 200 pounds and that is not even close enough so we could live. we are 5 people in family. me my sister, parents and my grandmom. anyway. i cant get even 200 pound payed job in latvia because i have no job experience. but i read that in uk many companies are offering a loader job for unexperienced people. so the question is could i get that job?

Sveiki no Anglija! There are places in the UK, usually warehouses that take on foreign workers. Places like Tesco and other companies with large warehouses, usually in the Midlands. If you come near Rugby you would find some work at DIRFT or TESCO warehouse, Britvic etc and you would also be near Straumeini, a Latvian community just outside Rugby and Musmajas between Rugby and Coventry. Where you would live is difficult. E:mail me.

As far as I know, now most business owners prefer to automate work in warehouses and storage systems. I know that renting forklifts services and training of employees to work with this special equipment are very popular now. Perhaps it would be better for you to find special courses on how to operate various forklifts and in this way you could find a job in this field?

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