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Will people who want a flat tax move to Latvia and see how they like it?
Latvia has a flat tax and people are fleeing in droves because it sucks and there are no jobs.

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Right, because Latvia and The U.S. are so freaking similar in every way. Not.

You failed to mention what the rate is.

You failed to mention that their flat tax rate is very high and that they have a VAT tax and a corporate tax.

Maybe it sucks and they're fleeing in droves's Latvia?

They actually don't have a flat tax rate. If you had read your own link you would know that (the link that's not from 2005). The tax rates changed effective January 1st of this year.

Take a look at their unemployment rate now...

And what is Latvia famous for?

There's no jobs because there is no creativity.

Sounds like you should move there.

As soon as those who want socialism move to Venezuela or Cuba.

Yeah and Canada has nationalized health care and they come to the U.S. for treatment...


A residence permit in Latvia (Uzturēšanās atļauja in Latvian) is a document (ultimately a physical residence card), which provides a foreigner with the right to reside (live, work, study or do business) in the Republic of Latvia for a definite or indefinite period depending upon the type of permit issued.

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