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Recently I have come across a short article about using bee stinging (apitherapy) to reduce high blood pressure. According to the article, the drop in blood pressure is due to the presence of the substance histamine in the bee venom, which (histamine) has a vaso-dilative impact, causing the dilation of peripheral blood vessels.

As bee stinging seems to be rather a simple method, so I would like to test it upon myself. But there are some points to clear: What are the areas of the body to be stung? Duration of the therapy? Doses (how many bee stings at one session)? Intervals between the treatment sessions?

I would be very grateful for any info and tips. Is bee stinging used to treat any other illness? Any experience?

I have interesting information about the use of apitherapy for treatment of asthma. Nowadays this way of cure is being more popular. I have recently read an opinion of a person who used bee stinging as a medicine.

According to this review medication have lasted for 3 weeks but only on Mondays and Fridays. An apitherapist was acting in accordance with the book "How Well are You Willing to Bee?" by Pat Wagner. The apitherapist did it not at first and was good in his occupation. After a while since finishing cure the patient received excellent results and felt really good. He (patient) stopped stinging in May of 2010 and the benefits lasted for 3/4 of a year. Now he has slight wheeze and squeaking but he is going to continue his treatment and believes that then it will disappear at all. He said the apitherapy is better than the drug therapy.

But before the use of apitherapy you have to make sure that do not have allergy to bee’s products. It is very important because bee stinging can cause others illness.

I hope my information will be useful for you.

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