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Trucs et astuces de voyage en train?
I was wondering if any of you had tips / tricks that I should know before you start saving money and planning the trip.

All the destinations I should know

 I love the trip described by Alf, but I'm afraid I have to win the lottery before I can do it.

Make a list of the cities in your country that you have always wanted to see and ask your boyfriend and his friends to do the same thing each by himself.
To inspire yourself, do what a foreign tourist would do in your country, read the travel guides. Maybe even buy a Lonely Planet guide covering your entire country.
(As you do not say which country, I try to give you advice that will work for each country.)

After making your lists, compare them, fight for each place or vote for the top 3 cities on each list. The more people, the harder it will be to find a single list that everyone can agree on.
So be ready to give and take, go to some places that might interest you less, but on the other hand, they will do too.

Now go on the Internet, enter the name of your country, the train map and the train planner, or something like that, so you can find a map across the country and see what is possible.

If you add your country here, we may be able to give your links to a good map and a train planner.

If your plan includes overnight trips, you will need to make reservations. So you will have to plan most things, if you can do all the short trips, you can leave everything until the last minute.
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