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Women's safety: tips for smartphones that are shared online
[Image: _117553610_woman-phone.jpg]

People in the UK shared personal safety tips on สูตรเล่นสล็อต social media following the death of Sarah Everard who went missing as she walked home from a friend's home in south London last week.Police confirmed the body found in the woods near Ashford in Kent was owned by a 33-year-old marketing executive.Dame Cressida Dick, the commander of the Metropolitan Police, said it was a matter. "Incredibly rare fortune" for a woman kidnapped on the streets of London. But women across the country share their experiences of facing fear or intimidation.The useful phone features that are shared include features built into smartphones and popular apps such as shortcuts to emergency calls and temporary location tracking services.Emergency call shortcuts On most smartphones, the unlock screen has an emergency call button without the need to unlock the device.
In some cases, pressing the power and volume buttons can also open a shortcut to 999.On iPhone 8 and later, pressing and holding these buttons continuously will sound an alarm and start a countdown from three, and if the button is pressed, the call will be performed automatically.iPhone users can speak the number 14 to Siri, the voice assistant, which It will ask if you want to make an emergency call, although in some countries it is immediately connected.Emergency contacts can be set up through the iPhone's Health app - and the people you choose will be notified if they make an emergency call.The Google security app available on Pixel phones has similar functionality.Samsung's emergency mode is designed to extend battery life while keeping the phone in standby mode.It limits features and the home screen shows black. But it enables emergency calling, calling emergency contacts, and location sharing within messages using little power.
Location sharing
There are lots of location tracking apps to download and they are popular. But not everyone wants to keep up with it all the time.WhatsApp users can select a contact, press the attachment button on the right side of the message box, and select "Location." This will share the location of a specific device with the person they're messaging for from 15 minutes to eight hours.On your Android phone, if you have emergency location services turned on (It is in Settings under the Location tab) The device will automatically share its location with emergency services during calls.The iPhone will automatically ping the location when the emergency call is finished. But the owner of the phone can cancel it.
'Hey Siri, I was pulled over.'
This iPhone shortcut wasn't created by Apple and was first shared on Reddit in 2018, but it has grown in popularity rapidly in the United States since George Floyd's death protest. Designed for motorists, it must be downloaded, it works only on iOS 12 and above and some permissions must be enabled. There's no official equivalent for Android, although it's possible to create your own rules for the Google Voice Assistant.However, if you jump through those hoops detailed here by The Verge, saying "Hey Siri, I was pulled" will result in a darkening of the phone screen, pausing the music that is playing, enable "Do Not Disturb" and start recording. Video through the front camera Additionally, the mobile phone will automatically send a text message to the selected emergency contact notifying the owner of the pull and informing their location.In an interview with Business Insider, creator Robert Peterson said: "Civilian equivalent" for the cameras worn by the police.

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