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Be a web developer
Greetings friends of the forum, I hope all of you are well. Having the skills to be part of a team is vital to being a programmer. Today, almost all developments (both web and applications or video games) are implemented by development groups, which almost always tend to be made up of an analyst and several programmers. But when it comes to starting a private business or earning a little extra money, things change. You can have your full-time job and spend your free time creating new projects that will bring you significant benefits. You don't need to be part of a team for that. If you need to know about a good site, visit Rviewer friends. Without more to say I say goodbye to you. Greetings and success.
First of all you need to get the basic technologies under your hood. Start of with HTML5/CSS3 and Javascript/Jquery. You can find lot of online resources for same. Try to get some test projects done.

Once you are used to the start with PHP. Once you acquire these you can get all the basic web development tasks done.

Try to answer questions from stackoverflow to test your knowledge.

Then you can choose your path, if you want to become more of a JS developer focus on frameworks like Angular, React.

If you are looking fro server side scripting you can choose PHP and frameworks based on PHP like Zend (you have many more, but you can start with one)

If you are looking to become a data analysis expert and web apps you can learn Python , Django.

Once you are in you can choose your path. Don’t worry get in and you will be able to decide once you get the basic knowledge.

All the best for choosing web development Career, and trust me web development is fun and challenging if you are ready to accept new challenges and enjoy your work.

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