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A dedicated server with a GPU is an excellent solution for projects requiring high-performance computing resources.
Everyone knows how a dedicated server differs from a personal computer. In simple words, a personal computer is a software and hardware individual computing device. In its turn, a server much more complicated equipment that serves a network of several personal and mobile devices. The main task of the server is the distribution of computing resources among all devices within the network. In other words, "computer" is relating to "server" as "apple" to "apple tree" or "planet" to "star, around which the planet revolves."
Well, it is clear how the graphic adapter works on the computer — it’s used for playing games, watching a movie, streaming a video, processing a 3D image, and so on. But what does a video card in the server? After all, the server does not have a monitor, and you cannot play and watch videos on the server.
However, the answer is simple — the video card in the server is used for calculations. That's why we recommend using a dedicated GPU server if your projects need in resource-intensive computing, e.g., Big Data and Artificial Intelligence projects, 3D-modeling, cryptanalysis, and cryptography, including blockchain, so on.
Therefore, often a GPU dedicated servers are rented by developers of video games and resource-intensive applications, research projects with large-scale computing, e-media with video streaming, and so on.

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