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Free Example of Titanic Movie Essay
Titanic movie was created in 1997. The movie has included many themes, and one of them is romance and love. It is a disaster film since it includes the sinking of the biggest ship Titanic. The editor of the movie is James Cameron. The movie has many characters that play different parts in the story and make it interesting to the viewers. The characters involved in the story wear different types of costumes, which have a different meaning. Some of the costumes describe professions and others signify the social class of a man/woman.
The movie is told by an old lady. The lady claims to be one of the witnesses of the tragedy, who managed to survive. Different well-known actors play in the movie, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, known as Jack Dawson, and Kate Winslet, known as Rose DeWitt Bukater, among others (Welkos: 12). 
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