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What should be the position of UE about Kosovo?
Yeah, belive what ever you want

Albanians and Croats are Illiraians, JUPIIII!!!!
Croats was Germans during last the war?

This is a mumbo-rambo rubbish about common illyrian origin of Croats and Albanians :haha
The premisses that Albanians were Illirians is one of the proofs that Croatian and Albanian separatism came from the same kithchen.
who can forbid God to use evolution as his own instrument of creation ?
Heart of Serbia in rusia, or right leg in Croatia :deg

Fim where are you man, we mis you here. 8-) :mrgreen: Confusedlurp
don't worry, your friend is bussy trafficking some stuff over Italy's border :mrgreen:
How about you..., where are you trafficking yourself lately. :?
Just curious! :banghead :langue
probably fim is seek and tired to prove everybody that Kosovo deserves to be independent, and he just said "ahhhhh, leave me alone!"
“Love is like a booger. You keep picking at it until you get it, then wonder what to do with it.”
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Perhaps, I'm tired support Serbia :nonnon
Do not pick its long nose in it! Smile
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