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Love poems
As I lay in my bed
all these thoughts
of you come in
to my head
Thoughts of why I'm
always thinking of you
And if the love i have for
you is true
I fall asleep thoughts
of you still floating
in the air
Wondering and Hoping
if i wake up next morning
they'll still be there
How can i have feelings for
When you have none for me?
How many times can i lie
to myself and say I'm happy?
To tell you the truth i don't
know what I want from you
I dint know what I'm searching
I guess I'm trying to see something
in you that says
you feel the same way
I'll do whatever it takes
even if i have to wait till that day

Were just friends
That's all we'll ever
I don't think theres
ever going to be a
you and me
You think of me as
a friend but i think
of you so much more
You don't know that
in my dreams your
the only one I'm
searching for
Whether its early
in the morning or
My feelings for you grow
each day and seem more
Why did i let my heart unbend?
I feel like I have to put my feelings to an end
I never thought i could be Ur friend
with the way i feel
for you
I never thought it was
possible to have a
dream come true
But i guess that dream has a
long way to go
Because if were just friends
there will be no room for love
to grow
Every Star i wish upon i wish for you,
Every pipi i see i wish for you,
Every Luck penny i see i wish for you,
Every time the clock says 333 i wish for you,
Every time a little saying says make a wish i wish for you,
Every Chance i get i wish for you..maybe one day my wish will come true...

Words typed on a screen
Thats what you are to everyone else
To me your the best thing in my life
Ur dark blue words are the 1st thing I saw
Ur light green eyes are what I want to be the last
We argue then sign off
Then sign back on to apologize
I've never loved anyone as much as you
Am I crazy for lovin your words
If I am I'm gonna stay crazy
I'm crazy about you baby
And that may be to bad for you
Because no matter how much You try
You'll never get me to stop loving you
I wish that I could hear you sing
When I feel alone
The relief and calming that you bring
When my mind and thoughts are thrown

I wish that I could see your face
When I close my eyes
Your beauty flows with stunning grace
My spirit soars the skies

I wish that I could watch you fly
When I feel real low
My love for you can never die
I can never let you go

I wish that I could smell your hair
When I feel depressed
I’ll never hurt you, that I swear
My heart wont lay to rest

I wish that I could kiss your cheek
When I don’t belong
I see you and can’t move or speak
My knowing cant be wrong

I wish I could tell you how I feel
As straight away I knew
If you walked away I’d never heal
I’ve fallen in love with you.

Have i ever told you
if i silently sit over here
it seems you are close to me
i can feel you near

have i ever told you
i wait for hours and hours
staring at the same old clock
hoping you will come online
and then we can talk

have i ever told you
the countless nights i remained awake
dreaming of you, crying for you
till i got a heart ache

have i ever told you
i touch your name on this cold screen,
to feel your presence,
and i wonder about the day
when i could feel you in true sense

have i ever told you
i would give everything away
just to look in your eyes
to be with you
just to assure myself
that you are true

have i ever told you
have i yet to tell you
i tell u now
i am in love with you
Do you really love me?
you told me you love me,
and that you care;
you told me you want me,
and you will always be there.

but now you are not with me,
and i am left with this pain too strong to bear,
what made us grow apart?
is all this really fair?

so tell me true this time,
cos it means a lot,
do you really love me?
or do you not?

Lovers and Friends

With this I dont know where to start,
He's not my man, but were never apart.
Were always together like we used to be,
Why cant we be together again,
"you and me".
Were so close like best friends,
But thats not how I want this story to end.
We have our sprawls like most people do,
But it only makes us stronger, if you really only knew.
He's my first true love, my only,
But without him, Im just so lonely.
I end this now, and say what I gotta say,
I'll be here for him each and everyday.
I wont brake
I wont fall
I refuse to leave it all

I'll be here
i'll stay there
but i refuse to leave it all

I'm standing here
waiting for the phone to ring
hoping that you will some how appear

And i still remember the day when i heard the words that said "shes gone"

It kinda took me by surprise, although we all knew was going come

I just hoped, and wished that you would snap out of it.

Its been half a year since you've gone
and still i stand here waiting for the phone to ring,

and it never does


Break down and cry.

Looking though your eyes
Those skinny chocolate fearful blown eyes
Thinking that is the last time I'll ever see you again
Looking at your body checking every bit of it out
Slowly going up I stopped at your cherry soft smoothly lips
Letting a tear go I thought about how much I would miss you
The thoughts of you moving on
Made me doubt what my life would be without you
Without Looking or breathing the same peaceful air as you
As the last few seconds of having you here by my side was going by
extremely fast
Staring at every single move
The time had come to say goodbye
I stood up to get ready
My heart beating faster then ever
My heart and feeling betrayed me
I broke down in tears
All type of feeling came to me
Feelings I didn't comprehend
I ran out of class
Desperately sparely my tears around the halls
Punching and hinting the walls
Hurting my self.
Walking with my friends
I saw him walking towards his car
Voices in my head told me to say goodbye
But my fearful unconformable heart
Back off.
As the moment he got in the car
I lost strength and felt destroy
Tears came down my cheers like rain come down the sky
I broke down and cry desperately.
I don't know

I'm not sure what I'm feeling
it could be right or wrong
I'm not sure if I'm ready
or neither if I'm strong
i think I'm coming round though
i think i understand
even though i want you there
i know you're not my man
i can't seem to touch you
without shedding a tear
even when i see you
i pretend you're not here
but fair enough it had to end
and you do not want me back
but shouldn't i feel better now
or am i simply slack
i know you do not love me now
and you used me from the start
and i have come to terms with that
and the fact you broke my heart
i have gave a lot of time
for my heart to heal
then why the hell ain't it fixing
I'm so not sure what i feel

We come a long way my love !
U are my only Queen before whom I take a bow.
U made me a man I’m today,
And now without you I can’t spend a day…

I’m lost in time & I know nobody,
All I can think of is you and your beautiful body,
You told me to make a bed of roses for you,
Didn’t know you would take it all in a box with you…

How could you leave me all lost and stray,
I know you’re true and you would never betray.
I’m coming my Love up there with you,
To testify before GOD, coz he’ll find you.

There is no point in my life now,
No reason for me to wait this long,
I struggle like a bleeding warrior who has come this far,
All happy to know he has lost nothing in love but only in war…
“The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.”
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After she broke up with me....
i just felt like my life was lost....
i lost my girlfriend....
she left me....
cause she wasn't ready to have to boyfriend....
and she didn't know what a boyfriend should be like....
or how she would be a perfect girlfriend....
i told her....
i like the way she was....
she rejected me....
and told me that....
when she ready....
we would get back together again....
so i lost my girlfriend....
just cause she wasn't ready to have a boyfriend....
and i lost my best friend....
she meant everything to me....
she told me to change the way i was....
to become a better person....
to learn from my mistakes....
to never let go on something you love....
but she left me too....
cause? she thought i changed....
after me and my girlfriend broke up....
i felt like i lost everything....
i lost my girlfriend....
i lost my best friend....
i felt like i lost life....
and love....

Happiness is all my heart yearns for,
But every time I attempt, I get hurt even more.
It's not you, said the boy with my heart,
But it is, otherwise he wouldn't of torn it
I thought my dream was coming true,
As he says, I don't have time for you.
No matter what happens, I'm the one that has to
For what, trying to make the person I love happier
Why does god put me in so many difficult
Then I hurt myself by making the right decisions.
My heart shattered like a broken bone,
And he turned out to be a jerk, I just should of
I'm glad it happened, even though it turned out
He was my first love, thank god, for only that long!
“Love is like a booger. You keep picking at it until you get it, then wonder what to do with it.”
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How come I think of you everyday?
How come I laugh at funny things you say?

How come I miss you all the time?
How come I’m wishing you were mine?

How come I need to hear your voice when I’m alone?
How come I call but you don’t answer your phone?

How come I need you in my life?
How come I dream of being your wife?

How come I get excited when it’s you I talk to?
How come I fell in love with you?

My love for you,
Gets stronger each day,
And I sit and wonder.
When will you come into my way?

I have started to court you,
And I have started to hope,
That you will love me too,
And believe the love i have for you,

Please o please,
Don't make me cry.
Don't make my heart,
Be in pain and die.

I'm giving it all,
Giving my life,
Giving one blow,
To be successful and strive

I'll catch you if you fall,
I'll protect you with my all,
I'll go with you from the start,
I'll love you with my heart,

I know that there will be a day,
Where you and me will sit together,
And you will be all mine,
Together forever through the rest of all time

Just don’t let this be a memory,
Don’t make me end in misery,
Don’t make me be depressed and struggle,
And don’t make me fail my ninth battle.
I wait for you,
anxious to see your face.

I stand and watch,
looking for the first sign of your arrival.

I finally see you,
I take a second look to make sure you're really there.

My pulse races and I crack a smile,
this is what I've been waiting for.

You begin to approach,
you say, "Sorry, I'm late."

I say, "No problem."
But I think to myself, I'd have waited forever.

The stars at night shine because of you.
I look at them so pure and true.
The relation is unbearable.
The compatability is unchangeable.
Both presence calm me,
and unleach me from reality.
The bitter sadness that follows me like a bleak raincloud which never seems to fade.
when will the sun shine through
so that the sadness may depart.
When will our destiny's entwine
so that the pain
which is Coming from the dark
be shone in the endless light,
from one's self dedicated love for each other.
Where is My Sun?
So i may feel the sweet contentment of light.

True loves first kiss

It’s been three months since our first date.
We have held hands, hugged and had our hello
and now a good night Kiss that I just can’t wait.

I hold your face our libs touch and start very slow,
But no it stops before it starts why I don’t know.
Is it that were still shy like kids not knowing how.

No matter how long it takes your love is worth waiting for true loves first kiss. Will stop for now,
When were ready it will be the best kiss ever now
And forever more here on gods green earth.
“Love is like a booger. You keep picking at it until you get it, then wonder what to do with it.”
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Don't cry now my darling,
don't shed a tear,
there's no need for sorrow,
there's no need for fear,
I'm back again,
to the way that you like me,
and there's no need to worry,
cause I'm what you want me to be.

I've changed my life around,
just to be with you,
and the whole reason is,
because I love you.

Roses are red,
honey is sweet,
can you feel,
my heart beat?

Everyday I see you,
Ever time I'm near you,
When i look at your face,
I feel my heart quicken it's pace!

Don't you know I luv you,
or just how much?
how every time I see you,
I long for your touch?

I can wait foever,
for us to be together,
But baby,
When i found out
i cried and began to shout
i am empty of love
sad from u
depressed from her
and i cant take it
i want to b with u
but she didn't want u to
if i told u i was going to die
all i wanna know is if you'd cry


I made up my mind
when they say love is blind
i think it its all true
cos i did love you
but its not the end
cos I'm still yr Friend


This one girl felt
for this guy so true
but what he felt
was nothing new
everyday and every night
rivers of tears
this girl must fight
to soothe her pain
from what she finds out
who hes been with
only she can scream and shout
every things been done
and it will only go on
so she cries and she crys
forever and so long.
If a kid asks where rain comes from, I think a cute thing to tell him is "God is crying." And if he asks why God is crying, another cute thing to tell him is "Probably because of something you did."

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Now I am lost.
I can't seem to find,
Whatever it was,
I was looking for inside.

I thought I had found it,
When you came along.
But love made me blind,
And not for long.

So quickly you left.
You left me all alone.
Thinking and wondering,
What I had done wrong.

What happened to us?
I loved what we had.
But I guess you didn't.
And that's why you fled.

You left me to cry,
And to be all alone.
But my broken heart,
Can't take it anymore.

I've had enough,
I'm done with this game.
You love me on and off,
And my heart is to blame.

Everytime you came back,
I thought it would last.
But I guess I was wrong.
Now I must leave fast.

The next time you love me,
Rethink what you feel.
Because I won't be waiting,
For love that's not real.
Id give anything
To see you just one more time
The beautiful smile you always had
Id give anything
To see the look in your eyes
That always said i love you
Id give anything
Just to hear your voice one last time
the soft tone
Id give anything
Just made me feel like you needed me
Id give anything
To feel your gentle touch a last time
Made me feel safe like there was Nothing else in the world to ever bother me
Id give anything
Just to spend on more day with you

Thinking of you is a little too hard
but I'm happy
because your the one i always dreamed off,
but i deeply think and i ask my self,
are you thinking of me too
and are you dreaming of me too
i hope you are too,
because i really love and your the first guy that i love like this
i don't know but i think
I'm blinded in love with you
i wanna see you
i wanna hear your voice
i wanna call you but I'm shy
and I'm scared
and afraid
if i call you
your not going to answer your phone and ignore me when where at the school
i don't care the one thing i only know is i like your style
and the way you dress up your self
and your hair i like it all
and what do you think you like from me???!!!!!
"I believe in making the world safe for our children, but not our children's children, because I don't think children should be having sex." Smile

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Love is youth an love is pain
In the middle of the rain
Of all the pains the greatest pain
Is the love to love in vain
Love is salt and knows no measure
You can love but just by pleasure
How you love the branches tree
So must love my dog and me.....
What is Love?

What is Love?
Love is what’s there when we’re apart
And endures across the miles between us
And is renewed when our eyes meet again

What is Love?
Love is talking to you on the phone
And imagining your beautiful body
And thinking what we can do for each other again and again

What is Love?
Love is the touch of your beautiful body
And the bliss when we both achieve ecstasy
And is something we love to do again and again

What is Love?
Love is looking into your eyes close to me in bed
And lying next to you all night long in the dark
And making to you so passionately again and again

So what is Love?
Love is being close to you wherever we are
And knowing we are always there for each other
And is renewed for ever when we are a part of each other again
I've just noticed that there's a word missing in the penultimate stanza. It happened when I had to find an alternative word to the one I used in the poem, which was too explicit and probably would be banned. I'm sure you can guess the word that's missing and its orginal one. If you like the poem, tell me why maybe Smile
Text of the song of the INXS formation is wonderful:
:ange ... I was standing
You were there
Two worlds collided
And they could never ever tear us apart...

The most beatiful love poems are written by people who suffered for love, have lost beloved because of nonsense, of those who left only with memories of their great love...
“Love is like a booger. You keep picking at it until you get it, then wonder what to do with it.”
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petergiovanni Wrote:I've just noticed that there's a word missing in the penultimate stanza. It happened when I had to find an alternative word to the one I used in the poem, which was too explicit and probably would be banned. I'm sure you can guess the word that's missing and its orginal one. If you like the poem, tell me why maybe Smile

I love the simplicity of it! Its one thing to love someone, but to be able to show them without limitation or fear
of recrimination... again and again. How cool is that??? great poem!
Have you ever loved someone so much you just felt like you might as well eat them? easier on both of you... ok, I'm not a cannibal.. but the thought is provoking.
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Great poems. Thank you for sharing.

Have a nice day
Admin Wrote:What is you favorite love poem?
Oh, it's hard to say. Smile
Admin Wrote:Did you ever recited one to your beloved? 8-)
Well, it's the first sign of my falling in love with somebody - when I don't want to do anything, but to write the romantic poems...and to be with that somebody, of course. :-P

For example, my short poem-message (for mine former sympathy...):

Hello, my Love!
Where are You now?
I want that You know -
You are in my soul.
Thanks to All Of You Friends For sharing such a Great Love Poems
With us.
Keep sharing.
Hi, This is For My first post On this birthday day ..In dedication to Treaty of Lisbon Wrote:Sonnets from the Portuguese 1: I Thought how Theocritus

by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
I thought once how Theocritus had sung
Of the sweet years, the dear and wished for years,
Who each one in a gracious hand appears
To bear a gift for mortals, old or young:
And, as I mused it in his antique tongue,
I saw, in gradual vision through my tears,
The sweet, sad years, the melancholy years,
Those of my own life, who by turns had flung
A shadow across me. Straightway I was 'ware,
So weeping, how a mystic Shape did move
Behind me, and drew me backward by the hair,
And a voice said in mastery, while I strove, ...
Guess now who holds thee?'—Death,' I said. But there,
The silver answer rang ... Not Death, but Love.'

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