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Raw materials available for fish feed in Nigeria
There are considerable substances that can be usually used in the method of fish feed pellets in Nigeria. Their utilization is standardized and extensively acceptable. Many of these are low cost and easily accessible in very giant quantity. They are generally agro- industrial by-products. Examples encompass wheat bran, groundnut cake and rice bran. Some are animal based totally (for example, fish meal, blood meal, shrimp meal), whereas others are plant primarily based (for example, maize, soya bean meal, cotton seed meal). Generally these substances are rather less expensive and on hand all through the yr in Nigeria. For particular and balanced system of fish feed pellets in Nigeria, please go to our fish feed computer which will furnish technical components for making floating fish feed pellets in Nigeria.

Some quintessential components for fish feed pellets and their sources include:
• Protein—fish meal, groundnut cake, soy-bean meal, blood meal, palm kernel cake and cotton seed cake.
• Carbon hydrate—soya bean meal, maize and cassava wastes.
• Lipids—Palm, groundnut, palm kernel and fish oils.
• Minerals—bone meal and frequent salt.

We offer all kinds of fish feed pellet machine including floating fish feed pellet machine and sinking feed pellet machine. Small Pet Food & Aquatic Feed Pellet Plant (100~150kg/h) 1. Crushing Machine 2. baghouse system 3. Mixing Machine 4. Feed Extruder 5. Air Conveyor 6. Belt Dryer 7. Coating Machine

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