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Malaysia Pellet Feed for Fish Farming
In Malaysia, aquaculture started in 1920’s. First as polyculture, in the mid 1930’s, marine shrimp trapping ponds have been developed. In the early 1940’s, the blood cockles’ lifestyle began. And By the early 1990’s, aquaculture things to do had been similarly more suitable with the introduction of intensive industrial aquaculture with very excessive stocking density and entire dependence on supplementary feeding.

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Recently, the aquaculture enterprise is developing swiftly in Malaysia, specially the manufacturing of clean water aquaculture fish. For fish farm, no be counted what device it is, synthetic feeding is required. Because feeds symbolize greater than 50% of complete manufacturing fee in aquaculture, profitable operation of a fish farm desires balance, environment friendly and low-cost diets. Nowadays, pellet feed has been added to exchange standard feeding system for a profitable marine fish culture.

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