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How can I get the motivation to clean on my only day off?
Today is my only day off this week and my house is a disaster. I need to clean but have no motivation. The dishes and laundry are piling up and really need to be cleaned. How can I get the motivation? All I want to do is lay around and relax today.... help!!
Pretend that Publisher's Clearing House or your mother-in-law is coming over.
You seriously want to live in filth?? Clean and then lay around and enjoy a clean house!! You will have reason to celebrate that way!!
Watch Clean House - it always motivates me
Be Determined! Just Get up now and do IT!
It helps me get motivated if I air out the house and turn on my favorite music. Turn the TV on to a channel that you like but put it on mute. Crank up the stereo and just start to tackle everything possible.

After all is said and done, I like to take a shower put on my favorite clothes and do something fun for myself like go for a manicure or go window shopping. Come home and THEN lay down for an hour.

Always makes my 1 day off go very smoothly.
well first of all, dont sleep in till noon, thats a no-no then you will be really lazy. i usually get up about 9 (sleep in a bit) get some quick breakfast , nothing heavy, put on my favorite cds, (because you cant work and watch tv at the same time), turn up the volume and take it a room at a time. when i finish a room, light a scented candle, turn off the light, and close the door. at the end of the day i take along hot shower and enjoy the way my house looks and smells.!! but always be careful with the candles!!

hey bethy- you are alot like me lol
A friend used this technique-- maybe it will work for you....
Set a timer for 1 hour---- and get with one of the chores-- load of clothes for instance-- then wash dishes at the same time-- in 1 hour-- quit.....
Won't do it all today unless you lay around then repeat--but it does work.
Good luck
If you try to do a little bit each day then you won't have to do it on your day off... When my husband and I both worked, I extended my day with chores in the morning and at night. It was better falling into the bed exhausted Monday - Friday so I didn't have to do much around the house on Saturday and Sunday...
since your off, you should have started early so you have the rest of the day to relax. But this is what you do. You say to yourself. I want to relax but its dirty in here. I don't want to relax in dirt. So get up and clean clean clean. When your done you drink a nice cold glass of your favorite drink and relax.
Its hard to get motivated, but if you want to be living in filth, just lay there and watch the piles grow. Or get off your but and do a load of laundry. How hard can that be.
Find some good funky music to listen to !! It will get you movin'
Motivation? How about this. What you don't do today, you'll have to run yourself ragged on a day you have to work to get caught up. Once you get everything done, treat yourself in some way. To prevent this from happening again, spend 15-30 minutes every day before you go to bed to put things away and get dishes done. When you get a load of laundry, do it. Then, on your day off, you will have less to do and more time to veg out!
I don't think there is any motivation. I hate to clean. You just have to make yourself do it, that's all. Just think to yourself, "In 2 hours this will all be over, & my dread of cleaning is gone." Then, enjoy the rest of the day.
i love cleaning, hire me!
lol jk, just when im notin the mood, i think about how much i will enjoy it citting on the couch looking at a clean house, then that should bring your motivation up!
I alway's have some coffee watch the new's for a little while and then start with the kitchen and go from room to room if you do this it won't take long and you won't be distracted.

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