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How is the performance of the holding furnace?
How is the performance of the holding furnace? The holding furnace is a type of material surface that is ignited and burned at high temperature. After leaving the igniter, it is suddenly exposed to the atmosphere, resulting in rapid cooling of the red-hot material surface. Therefore, in the mineral composition of the surface sinter, the glassiness increases significantly. Strength drop, an instrument of this drawback, is an important part of the low pressure casting furnace.Differences in vacuum heat treatment between aerospace blanks and parts It is composed of furnace body, molten pool, sealing cover and liquid riser, and is the basic part of low pressure casting machine.Step shaft vacuum quenching heat treatment There are many types of furnaces, such as coke ovens, gas furnaces, resistance furnaces, induction furnaces, etc. High speed steel vacuum heat treatmentThe advantages of this type of furnace are simple structure, convenient temperature control and good working conditions. The power of the holding furnace can only make up for the total heat dissipation loss.

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