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Any miracle remedies for lack of energy and motivation?
I have a serious lack of energy and motivation and i have a lot of work deadlines coming up that I need to get through. Can anyone recommend anything that can help? I have tried some weird herbal teas that are supposed to help you get deeper sleep but they didn't seem to work and I've tried organizing my sleep schedule to make it regular and drinking lots of water but that didn't work either Sad

*Just a small note, I am UK resident, just in case certain remedies etc cannot be found here.
Find a strength 5 coffee at Tesco's. Two cups of black with one sugar should wake you up.
Momentum works for me. Just tell yourself that you are going to put 15 minutes into a project then take a break. Odds are that you will keep working or 15 min on 15 off worked for me in some circumstances where I was stuck...

Also exercise get the brain and bodys blood flow going!
The trouble is in your head, not your biochemistry. You're engaging in avoidance behaviour because your mind sees the risk of doing the work. What if you screw up? What if someone doesn't like it? etc. There may be other things involved, like letting go of money or taking risks or other things that humans naturally don't like to do.

So basically what I'm saying is that your mind is trying to protect you from risk and failure by distracting you and preventing you from taking these actions. What usually happens is we put them off to the last minute and then the pressing need to complete the problems becomes stronger than the urge to avoid the risks and then we work like mad to get things done and wonder why we didn't just do it in the first place, yet the next time we repeat the behaviour pattern because that's the way we're wired, to seek pleasure and reward and avoid pain.

The best thing for it is to recognize why you're behaving this way and that it's perfectly natural, and then make a conscious decision to override the behavior and attack the work. I often use mental games with myself like finding a way to look at it as if it's a battle. Like I envision this other person who wants my job, or wants this opportunity, and I have to outperform him to gain the prize. It also helps to set some specific goal at which point you can declare victory and do a little dance to celebrate that it's done. What I'm saying is you're being stalled by your natural instincts and you need to use your intellect to manage those instincts to get them to work to your advantage. No amount of herbal tea will alter instinctive behavior.
I make strong good-flavored hot tea to take to work, I take acai berry herbal supplements, B vitamins, a regular vitamin, & fish oil. seems to make me pretty alert

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